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    1. Currency of Information: The sector team is responsible for ensuring that manually entered data is accurate and timely. Ensure that nonconformant messages are handled in a timely manner and that the flight's profile is updated as necessary.

      NOTE: Conflict probe accuracy requires timely updates of data used to model each flight's trajectory. If this data is not current, the aircraft flight profile and probe results may be misleading.

    2. Data Block Management.
      1. Ensure that the data block reflects the most current flight information and controller applied indicators as specified in facility directives.
      2. Ensure that appropriate and timely action is taken when a special condition code is indicated in the data block.
    3. Electronic Flight Strip Management.
      1. Electronic flight strips must be maintained in accordance with facility directives and the following:
        1. (a) Annotations. Ensure that annotations are kept up to date.
        2. (b) Reduced Separation Flags. Ensure the flags listed below are selected appropriately for each flight:
          1. (1) M- Mach Number Technique (MNT).
          2. (2) R- Reduced MNT.
          3. (3) D- Distance-based longitudinal.
          4. (4) W- Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM).
        3. (c) Degraded RNP. Select when an aircraft has notified ATC of a reduction in navigation capability that affects the applicable separation minima.
        4. (d) Restrictions. Ensure restrictions accurately reflect the cleared profile.
    4. Queue Management.
      1. Manage all sector and coordination queues in accordance with the appropriate message priority and the controller's priority of duties.
      2. In accordance with facility directives, ensure that the messages directed to the error queue are processed in a timely manner.
    5. Window/List Management.
      1. Ensure that the situation display window title bar is not obscured by other windows and/or lists.

        NOTE: The title bar changes color to denote when priority information on the ASD is being obscured or is out of view.

      2. In accordance with facility directives, ensure that designated windows and/or lists are displayed at all times.
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