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  • Help file for editing facility pages

    The idea behind the facility wiki facility info/welcome guide. All the things you'd want to know if you were going to move there and other facility/area information. It's open ended, but the info should be factual (no editorializing please...) and fairly static (not something that rapidly changes). Some ideas are operational layouts, position descriptions, local area information, 508 consolidation status, historical or projected traffic count, attaching facility specific files (things like N90 CIP MOU, ZUA return rights; not facility SOPs, training documents) etc... Information which changes frequently and should not be included would be things like number of current trainees.

    ✅ Average training times at MKE are X months in the tower and Y months in the TRACON.
    ❌ I was told MKE was a feeder facility to MSP and now I'm stuck here for eternity. 0/10 would not recommend.

    Editing the page is just like editing a post for the most part. There are placeholder headings on each page, so just put the text in there. Information inside [template] tags shouldn't be touched, nor should the layout of those tags. If you want to contribute but don't want to mess with the formatting, just post the info in the attached discussion thread, and tag one of the wiki editors, and we'll incorporate it.
    • Information should be:
      • Non-editorialized
      • Not frequently changing. EX: number of trainees currently at a facility
    • To link to any other wiki page, simply write the page name and the wiki will auto-link it. EX: ZFW
      • To prevent an autolink, put [UNLINK][/UNLINK] around the first letter of the word. You may have to toggle the BB Code Editor off to do this (the gear icon). EX: [UNLINK]Z[/UNLNK]FW
    • Template tags should not be moved, and normally do not need to be edited.
      • Facility information facility page side panel can be corrected if there is a mistake.
    To view available templates:

    Contact Wiki editors for additional help. A list can be found on the staff members page.
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