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  • LAN
    Lansing Tower
    Level: 6
    Type: Tower and Approach Control
    Facility Info
    Address: 4100 Capitol City Blvd, Lansing, MI 48906
    Phone: 517-321-1355
    Hours: 0000-2359
    Region: Central
    District Cleveland
    MMAC Travel Days 3


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    Operational Info

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    LAN, along with AZO, FNT, GRR, MBS & MKG, was part of a Section 804 Consolidation Project effective 6/12/19. Great Lakes TRACON, located at AZO, is now the overlying approach control for each of those facilities. LAN is the only facility within the airspace that is 24/7. Facility level downgrade is set to begin in April, 2020 with a high probability of becoming a Level 4.


    Training typically takes 1-6 months depending on experience. Average training time was longer prior to being a Tower w/ Radar. Training is combined to FD/CD and then to GC/LC.

    Adjacent Facilities

    ZOB is the overlying ARTCC, and Great Lakes TRACON (AZO) is the overlying approach control.

    Local Area

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