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  • SCK
    Stockton Tower
    Level: 5
    Type: Tower with Radar
    Facility Info
    Address: 7434 S Lindbergh St, Stockton, CA 95206
    Phone: 209-982-4744
    Hours: 0700-2100
    Region: Western
    District Hawaii/Oakland
    MMAC Travel Days 4


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    Operational Info

    The Stockton Metropolitan Airport is a Class D airport with two parallel runways. The calm wind runways are 29R and 29L. Runway 29R is over 10,000ft long, making it one of the biggest runways in the central valley, while runway 29L is just under 4500ft long. There is a civil helipad and a military helipad ("Guard Pad") at the field. Helicopters regularly land at several non-movement areas: The "Reach Pad" adjacent to Atlantic Aviation, the "Big Valley" ramp near the base of the tower, and the "PD Pad" near the Quebec hangars. There are four tower cab positions: Flight Data, Ground, Local, and Controller-In-Charge.

    SCK is a tower only facility, with approach control services conducted by NORCAL. The majority of the time, the overlaying NORCAL sector is "Valley" (125.1), but the sector can occasionally be split in to "Valley" and "Tracy" (123.85) with the sector boundary almost going directly over SCK, with "Valley" to the North and East and "Tracy" to the West and South.

    The bulk of Stockton's traffic comes from the flight school "JC Air Academy" based at the field. JC Air specializes as a flight school for international students and primarily teaches Korean pilots. According to the JC Air website, they are the largest training facility in California. They conduct a fleet of over 20 aircraft including C172's, P28A's, PA34's, PA44's, and BE36's. The student pilots often remain in the pattern or request flight following to the Linden practice area. Stockton's commercial services include Skywest, Allegiant, and Amazon (operating under the callsign "Giant") who operate CRJ's, A319's, and H/B767's respectively. Because of the size of runway 29R, military aircraft including T38's and H/KC10's occasionally fly to SCK and remain in the pattern for extended periods. The California Army National Guard is located at SCK and they regularly fly H47's (Callsign "SCHNR") and EC45's (Callsign "SHADO" and "RECON") in and out of the airspace utilizing the "Guard Pad". A MEDEVAC helicopter operating under the callsign ReachMed "REH" is based at Stockton and utilizes the non-movement area known as the "Reach Pad".

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