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No permission to download™ is a comprehensive desktop preparation suite for FAA AT-SA screenings. The software provides training solutions for many cognitive tests applicants will encounter at the ATSA test sites. The program has been developed on public domain documents – all tests reflect true screening conditions and environment.

Still, it is the objective of™ to provide its customers a training experience beyond a mere simulation of tests. Our team put years of experience in pre-employment screenings in the aviation sector into the conceptual design of this product. All tests included in the™ preparation suite have been developed under a didactic and methodical perspective to support your preparation for sustained training success. Tasks of™ training modules are randomly generated to avoid recurring setups.

The new™ training modules for ATSA are:

Air Traffic Collision Scenarios
Air Traffic Collision Scenarios tests your visual alertness, strategic planning, divided attention and mental arithmetic skills.

The test requires efficient conflict resolution (collision avoidance) in an airspace control sector while tackling math problems.

Recognize and resolve traffic conflicts. Solve math problems.

Differences tests your continued mental agility with numbers and short-term memory.

The test presents a sequence of individual numbers (1 - 9). You have to call the difference between the last and the latest number presented on your screen.

Enter the difference between the last and the latest number.

Visual Assignments and Relations
Value Assignments and Relations tests your mental agility, mathematical abstraction ability and short-term memory.

The test splits in two parts. You have to recall learned letter-number-assignments during the first part and solve relational equations during the second part.

Enter the appropriate solutions.

Visual Relationships
Visual Relationships tests your mental agility, orientation, visual perception and decision making.

The test requires quick and accurate judgements of spatial relationships.

Make YES/NO decisions on spatial relationships between two aircraft subject to different points of view.

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