1. MJ

    JobTestPrep ATSA Software

    Edit: I asked if they would give the users here a discount, and they agreed! Use a pointsixtyfive affiliate link and the coupon code atsa10 at checkout for a 10% discount on the purchase. Arbel_JTP is a representative from JobTestPrep which sells ATSA practice testing software. He's here to...
  2. A

    AT-SA Job Test Prep 1

    What You'll Get Complete Preparation for All ATSA 7 Subtests: Accurate ATC Simulation Radar Game Reading Comprehension practice tests Word Problem (Logical Reasoning) practice tests Memory Game 1 - Differences (Gamified) Memory Game 2 - Variables Spatial/Visual Relationship Full Personality...
  3. R

    OTS - Need to schedule ATSA but never received an email!

    Hi all, I applied to the OTS in July and have been checking aviator every week. I noticed the message change saying I qualify for the next step and to contact them. So I called OKC HR and asked what I need to do next only to find out they were supposed to have already sent me an email. I had...
  4. MJ

    ATCprep software give away, round two!

    I have more licenses to give away! This time, they are iOS/android only downloads for tablets (more info in the resources,, or the app store. To enter: Go to pointSixtyFive's Facebook page Like it ??? Profit I tried to avoid it, but it looks like having some sort of social media...
  5. MJ

    ATCPrep™ is a comprehensive desktop preparation suite for FAA AT-SA screenings. The software provides training solutions for many cognitive tests applicants will encounter at the ATSA test sites. The program has been developed on public domain documents – all tests reflect true screening...
  6. MJ

    ATSA Compilation

    Please feel free to add anything in subsequent posts. Overview They give 2 hours and 50 minutes for the test. You can take 30 minutes of breaks (cumulative, so 6 breaks of 5 minutes a piece or 1 break of 30 minutes). Notified if you move on within 90 days. It pushes you to read and follow all...
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