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Study Guide and helper material for the Basics (En Route and Terminal) course. This guide follows the structure of the FAA course, by outlining the material, highlighting key items and concepts. You can easily review or study on any device. Two day trial available on request.

Sections contain:
  • An outline of the material
  • Links to references
  • Downloadable materials
  • Links to additional relevant content on the web
  • Review quizzes
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Each section contains its own review questions. Additionally, there is a randomized 50 question quiz which draws from the current bank of 560 questions.


Interactive Elements
There are interactive elements within some sections, to help demonstrate or illustrate an item. Some additional resources link to videos about the topic.


Device Compatibility
The study guide content is integrated into the site, allowing viewing on any device. If you own a tablet, the Articulate Mobile Player* app for iOS or Android will allow you to download quizzes to save for offline viewing.

*This is a third party app, and pointSixtyFive cannot provide support for it. The app is not required to view any of the content.

This guide is included in both the Terminal and Enroute Guides. It cannot be purchased independently.
Please be aware it will take up to 20 minutes to update your permissions to access the content. If it takes longer, please contact me. After your permissions are updated, you can find the study guide with the study guide tab in the main navigation, or the study guide section on the main forum index page.

All of the basics courses are materially the same. This guide can be used for any of them (en route, terminal, tetra).
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Latest reviews

Excellent resource for anyone going through the academy/basics. I mostly used it as a quick reference and supplemental reference material, and it helped a ton. It provided an easy way to look something up on my phone/home computer without having to dig out my lesson plans. The included tests also helped gauge mastery of the course material in a pretty effective way since they do differ from the official end of lesson tests (a point I consider a major positive since it wouldn't make sense to pay for a carbon copy of the quizzes already provided through the course.)

Highly Recommend!
I used it as a SUPPLEMENT to my regular training. The tests for each section are extremely helpful but do not take them too many times to be sure you are memorizing the information and not the limited test bank this resource gives you. Very useful, there was some out dated information in regards to the course and there was 1 or 2 out right wrong answers but overall a very good thing to use as a supplement. Would buy again if I was going through basics again.
This study guide is an excellent resource. It offers:

1. A comprehensive breakdown of the basics course of the ATC academy into more easily digestible sub-sections.

2. A list of new vocabulary at the beginning of most sub-sections that effectively introduces the new concepts.

3. A breakdown of the material contained in each sub-section into clear and concise bullet points that greatly assist in memorization.

4. Charts and pictures that give real-life examples of the source material.

5. Links to additional reading and viewing that effectively serve to impart the information in a variety of different ways.

6. Practice quizzes at the end of each sub-section that serve as effective stepping stones to full understanding.

7. A full end-of-guide test that allows the user to ascertain how much information he or she has absorbed without fear that the results of the test will negatively affect their chances of passing the academy.

For these reasons I highly recommend this study guide. I consider it an invaluable resource to any aspiring ATC either before or after entering the academy.
An amazing resource. Definitely worth the money and piece of mind.
I just went through the basics course and I would definitely recommend reading through the study guide before coming. I got this study guide a couple weeks before coming to the academy so I was only able to read through about a third of the material. When we went through these sections in class the material clicked so much faster for me compared to the stuff I hadn't seen before. I read other people on here suggesting not to study before coming to the academy but I don't agree. I wish I would have taken the time to get through the entire study guide. The basics course is definitely not super difficult but I don't see why you wouldn't want to get a leg up on it if you're able to.
Exactly what i was looking for, definitely and update over the previous study guide!
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