1. M

    Change of station leave

    I’ve been digging but couldn’t seem to find the answer to my question. Do academy new hires going to their facility get 8 days COS leave? If so, do weekends count towards those 8 days?
  2. J

    Enroute PV Prep Tips

    I am sure there have been lots of tips and tricks throughout all the posted threads here, but aside from straight up searching “enroute PV” I really haven’t found much. I take my enroute evals next Wednesday and Thursday, and I am curious to know how others prepared/ studied for these? I have...
  3. H

    En Route 03/20/18 Class Start

    I have just accepted this date for enroute basics course. Anyone else have this date?
  4. OscarGolf

    RTF TDY Financial questions

    I have been at A11 since mid May. The management has decided to send me to RTF now that Im on the floor ACTIVELY training. I was hired from the prior experience (navy) bid and skipped the Academy altogether til now. My start date at RTF is Feb 14. The question is how will the financial part of...
  5. J

    Terminal 01/02/18 Terminal Basics

    Hey guys, Anyone else on here get this date? I just signed and returned my FOL for this class date. I've started a Facebook group for this class date incase anyone attending is interested in joining! We've already got a community going on there! Security Check Required There's the link for...
  6. MJ

    Academy Study Guide - Basics 1.21

    Study Guide and helper material for the Basics (En Route and Terminal) course. This guide follows the structure of the FAA course, by outlining the material, highlighting key items and concepts. You can easily review or study on any device. Sections contain: An outline of the material Links to...
  7. V

    MMAC housing

    I've been looking into the housing section for the academy on the FAA website but if you try to pull up apartments it shows absolutely nothing. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for finding housing in the area? I may receive more information with my welcome packet but I feel...
  8. MJ

    Overview of Initial Tower

    This overview was completed for the Initial Tower class, and is intended to provide an idea of what to expect, and additional information to help prepare for the class. Please note, while there is a great amount of specific detail provided for the scenario problems; this is one individuals...
  9. MJ

    Overview of Basics Course

    The following write up was completed in early 2017, and is intended to provide an overview of the time spent in the basics course. Day 0 This is the day before your first day at the Academy, and the first official day you can receive Per Diem. Use it to get moved it, and get whatever supplies...
  10. R

    Free Tabletop for Academy Tower

    Finishing up at the academy soon, and looking to pass on our tabletop to a class getting ready to start tabletops. It will be available in a week or so. It was extremely helpful early on (not as much once you get to TSS). Free to a good home. It is 4' x 8' and currently located at Anatole...
  11. R

    Terminal 12/22 Terminal Basics (102903) & 1/30 Initial Tower (102902)

    I got this date this week. Seeing who else on here has it. Got my FOL & EODS yesterday, so it's moving along. Leaning towards Kim's place to save some extra cash.
  12. MJ

    New Hire Track Selection 5/20/2014

    The process by which the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) will assign training and facility tracks (Terminal Tower, Terminal RADAR and En Route) to new hire selections made from referral lists provided by the Office of Human Resources.
  13. MJ

    Discontinued Academy Class Info

    Updates for this information are being discontinued for the time being, as all classes continue to be filled until at least 2018. The resource has no real use while every class shows 0 vacancies for the foreseeable future.
  14. MJ

    Discontinued Air Traffic Basics 6/14/2016

    FAA produced study guide, based on the academy AT Basics course. 31 lesson plans total.