1. DisBoi17

    Advice for getting hired into ATC (Pool 1 vs. Vet. vs. Pool 2)

    Hey y'all! So I am a junior in High School and have been researching so much trying to figure out how to get into Air Traffic Controlling. I have read many forums, but many seem to be outdated so I just wanted to reconfirm some of my prior suspicious and ask y'all if Pool 1 or Pool 2 is better...
  2. C

    CTI Lawsuit

    Big News!
  3. K

    Need advice for college research paper

    Hello all. I am new to the forum, and joined to pick the brains of experts. If I have posted this in the wrong area, please move it and/or let me know the error of my ways. As a bit of background, I am currently enrolled in the Aviation Management program at a local tech school, and taking an...
  4. GoldenTlair

    Concern about ATC and my future education.

    So I'm currently a double major of human factors and ATM. I need some help from actual ATC because from what I've pretty much gained is that my ATM portion of the degree is worthless to the FAA. I've heard just focus on human factors and add some minors (which I plan on adding computer science...
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