CTI Lawsuit

So are all of those folks expected to be hired from this ruling?
No. Basically nothing changes yet, but it was a procedural ruling. The FAA tried to have parts of the original lawsuit entirely dismissed, but now the FAA will need to respond to it instead of just trying to let it fade away. More or less says that they could have done something different instead of purging the old lists/applicants.
"The FAA jeopardized passenger’s lives to advance a political agenda,” said William Perry Pendley, president of Mountain States Legal Foundation"

Statements like this make CTI's look like entitled little dipshits.

Yeah, the hyperbole out of this guy's mouth is something else.
“The test was allegedly designed to identify those with prior aviation or military experience and penalize them for their abilities and knowledge.“ seriously.... the BA was more like a personality test. What knowledge and abilities were revealed?
“We are thankful the Court will allow us to pursue the relief that can make our client whole for the injury he suffered.” :poop::poop::poop:
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