1. hayashi310

    Academy Skippers

    Hello, all! I have just read this article: College Controller Grads To Skip FAA ATC Academy - AVweb Basically, it states that the FAA will now be hiring new CTI grads direct acceptance into facilities without having to go through Academy at Mike Monroney. They would still have to pass ATSA and...
  2. D

    Pool 1 CTI Grad (w/LoR) -- Still no TOL?

    Greetings all, congrats on those who received their TOLs! I was referred on December 17th, 2018 after passing the ATSA, in Pool 1 (CTI Grad here with a Letter of Recommendation). Still waiting on my TOL. Is it only Pool 2 that is receiving TOL's? Can anyone clarify this for me? Should I maybe...
  3. C

    CTI Lawsuit

    Big News! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/federal-judge-restores-key-component-cti-graduate-lawsuit-pearson
  4. GoldenTlair

    Concern about ATC and my future education.

    So I'm currently a double major of human factors and ATM. I need some help from actual ATC because from what I've pretty much gained is that my ATM portion of the degree is worthless to the FAA. I've heard just focus on human factors and add some minors (which I plan on adding computer science...
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