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    Automated, self-filling ERR package, all required files in 1 PDF 1.0

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Bandit117's ERR's V1.0---------------- 2022---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Resource Automated, self-filling ERR package

    As the thread title states, I have made a fully automated ERR package that is self contained in one PDF. It has a coversheet, 3330-42, 3330-43-1, the resume and the performance review all one easy PDF file. You will have to fill in your details. However, each bit of info populates the entire...
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    ERR Generator 2023.02.17

    This program will automatically generate ERR packages including a Cover Letter, 3330-42, and 3330-43-1 for up to 20 facilities at once. This program auto-populates several fields from a locally maintained database of FAA facilities that is updated periodically. This version is up-to-date as of...
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    ERR Package

    ERR Package - All the files you need to submit an ERR.
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