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Automated, self-filling ERR package, all required files in 1 PDF 1.0

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------Bandit117's ERR's V1.0---------------- 2022----------------------------------------------

Alright, we know NCEPT is fake and stupid but this might make it mildly less retarded.

I have created essentially a semi-automated ERR, but you have to do some work to get it there


You need, in PDF (and maybe but probably not jpeg) format:

-PDF copy of your ONE PAGE resume. Free converter websites from DOC to PDF are online if you don't have it

-PDF copy of of a signed page 2 of the 3330-43-1 (included in a stand alone file to fill out and scan)

-Download your performance Eval off ELMS. Either use software to extract each page a separate file, or print and scan it, each page as a different pdf file.

-Sign a piece of paper, scan it as a PDf. This will be your signature on the 2 places its needed. Use a sharpie or bold pen for best results. Or, use a fancy script font in MS word, maybe 150 size and save it as a PDF or convert the doc to PDF. That will work just as good. Not needed if you want to try the digitally signed version.

Fill out the forms. Enter data in the fields, like name, career code, facility, facility location and region, it will auto populate in all places that data point is needed, in the entire package.

Click the blank pages to insert the proper PDFs with the script that will pop up. Browse, click it and hit ok.If you put in the wrong file, click the page and redo it.

Click the signature to put in your own PDF of your signature, or digitally sign it.

Populate your 3330-43-1 with the table data and any other field not filled in. I deleted those stupid table carryover fields.

Now for the really awesome part. Once you do it once and have your base package, its easy to make changes.

How easy?

You change the name of the facility on page 1 in the cover letter,the date on page 1 if needed,the region it goes to in the "dear XXX human resources office" on page 1
the facility location in page 2, the career code on page 2
and now it populates throughout the document. In maybe 60 seconds you can make an ERR to any facility in the NAS.

You can save as, or print and now you can make new ERRs in minutes. If you need help you can ask, but try to keep it technical, Ive done too much work on this to fix your shit for free if you cant figure out how to use a computer. If you have suggestions for improvements, let me know and ill change it if your issue is legit. This is free, use it as is, at your own risk.

I made this to streamline the process as much as possible. If necessary we can flood ncept with ERRs. A huge part of the problem is that the packages are so tedious to put together, by design, to discourage you from having a lot of them out. This tool changes that, apply to evereywhere you might want to go, now it takes not even a minute of your time to crank out a new one. Fax them all in batches. Everyone deserves a shot at Career progression and fuck NATCA and fuck NCEPT for saying we dont, this removes a small barrier to that goal.

There is a rumor from NCEPT panel people that the FAA and NATCA have discovered that not every facility is equally desirable. Thus, they are looking to take the number of ERR's your fac has outbound as a barometer of how badly you need staff - new hires, AAC, direct hires, etc. A place where a few people are looking for THE facility might not need many, but if each person at a place has 20-30 out it paints a picture that people are willing to go anywhere to get away.

For bonus ease of submission, use an online fax service to upload your PDF packages to efax them. No printer necessary.



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