1. XM

    Post-Academy Housing Question

    Hello everyone! I'm not even sure I'm posting this in the right place, so if it's not, moderators please correct me and I do apologize in advance. I have scoured the forums for a few months and have been unable to find the answer to a question I have been pondering. For everyone that...
  2. A&T Corporate Housing

    A&T Corporate Housing at Anatole

    Our apartments are at the Anatole on MacArthur, only 4 miles from the academy and on the shuttle route! Great location near I-40 with excellent access to nearby shopping, restaurants, and public transit. We have one and two bedroom apartments available for both long-term or short-term stays...
  3. A

    Candlewood Suites Oklahoma City

    Our property truly is a great fit for Federal Aviation Administration - FAA - academy students! We are a quick 10 minute drive from the academy, and are on the daily shuttle route to and from the academy. At Candlewood Suites® Oklahoma City, you will experience the utmost in comfort for your...
  4. SM Sonesta

    Sonesta ES Suites

    We offer all the comforts of living in a fully furnished apartment with all the amenities of staying in a hotel. All our rooms are suites, and come equipped with full size walk-in kitchens- fully stocked with dishware, silverware, full size coffee pot, toaster etc. Our rooms are private...
  5. SM Sonesta

    Sonesta ES Suites

    SM Sonesta submitted a new resource: Sonesta ES Suites - Apartment comfort-hotel amenities. Exclusive study space, and free breakfast. Read more about this resource...
  6. A

    Housing for Trainees not Bringing a Car

    Hi All, I'm not planning to bring my car during my stay at the academy. What are the best places to stay at for those with limited transportation? I know Isola Bella has the rental/courtesy cars. Is there any other place that offers rentals or does having a car not even matter if you have the...
  7. B

    Academy Advantage

    And did we mention each bedroom has its own bathroom? To top it off we are only 5 miles from the FAA Academy. Pets permitted with deposit. email us at [email protected] or [email protected] www.academyadvantage.com or find us on facebook Academy Advantage
  8. FAACrashpads

    FAA Crashpads

    Your lodging will entail a comfortable residential property in some of the newest construction just 5 minutes from the Academy. You do not need to have roommates to get our rates. The house comes fully furnished with all the comforts of home. Each individual room comes with it’s own flatscreen...
  9. M

    Alternative Housing

    I hear a lot about Kim’s and IB when it comes to saving the most money, but if you might end up with roommates anyways doesn’t it make more sense to find a room for rent on Craigslist? I’ve seen dozens for around 500-600 per month, surely that will let you pocket a lot more. Has anyone gone...
  10. Kim

    Kim's Place OKC

    Fully furnished rooms & homes for lease. This is a great opportunity to live in a house that feels like home, not a Hotel. Kim's Place provides lodging for over 260 FAA, Corporate professionals and people in need of Short Term Housing. Located 9 miles from the FAA Campus and Downtown OKC...
  11. V

    MMAC housing

    I've been looking into the housing section for the academy on the FAA website but if you try to pull up apartments it shows absolutely nothing. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for finding housing in the area? I may receive more information with my welcome packet but I feel...
  12. R

    Terminal 12/22 Terminal Basics (102903) & 1/30 Initial Tower (102902)

    I got this date this week. Seeing who else on here has it. Got my FOL & EODS yesterday, so it's moving along. Leaning towards Kim's place to save some extra cash.
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