1. mcubed820

    Switching Annual Leave to Credit

    Once your annual leave has been approved for a day on a posted schedule, are you able to automatically put in a request to use credit instead for that day and not worry about it getting denied/change others requests priority? Or should you wait until basically the day of to request the credit...
  2. A

    OT In Conjunction With PTL

    Hi all, I work at a 12 tracon and my area has lower staffing than the rest of the building. This has resulted in many different interpretations of the contract to management. One of them, is somehow we get OT assigned the day before or after our PTL. Is this normal practice anywhere else? Does...
  3. S

    Change of station leave

    I’ve been digging but couldn’t seem to find the answer to my question. Do academy new hires going to their facility get 8 days COS leave? If so, do weekends count towards those 8 days?
  4. K

    ATM denying leave like it comes from his paycheck

    During summer our minimum staffing is 3 CPC morning, 3 CPC evening and any extra people get a 10. Our ATM/FLM is denying AL and shift changes for the 10's saying "workload" requires them as a 10 to open a standalone CIC position. Question 1: Any experience with fighting this? We're about to...
  5. M

    Court Leave

    So I read article 27 or 29, forgot which one it was, and was a little confused. Additionally I'm receiving conflicting answers from different FLMs. If I am subpoenaed to show in court as a witness/victim of a felony case, I know I'm entitled to court leave but is that leave that's charged out of...
  6. MJ

    Coworker in need of assistance

    Friend of mine sent this today, please take a moment to read and help if you can. The voluntary leave transfer program is only available to FAA employees. It can be done online at the site above, or via the attached form. @Danesa Harbach
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