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    Academy Rental Cars

    So I guess the academy has been doing rental cars instead of shuttles, but they’re going back to shuttles? I hardshipped out of a center and am now in a tower and attending the tower class next month. I had a reservation all set up with a flight and rental car. But its now rescinded? I guess...
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    Academy Student Pay Raise - EFF 9 MAY 2021

    Message from AJG: "Dear Air Traffic Control Student, GREAT NEWS! As directed by President Joe Biden that all Federal workers wages be raised to at least a minimum of $15 per hour, the Office of Human Resources has informed us that conversion actions are being completed to adjust the salaries...
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    Academy Study Guide - En Route 1.1

    Study Guide and helper material for the Basics (En Route and Terminal) course. This guide follows the structure of the FAA course, by outlining the material, highlighting key items and concepts. You can easily review or study on any device. Two day trial available on request. Sections contain...
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    MMAC housing

    I've been looking into the housing section for the academy on the FAA website but if you try to pull up apartments it shows absolutely nothing. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for finding housing in the area? I may receive more information with my welcome packet but I feel...
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