1. MJ

    NEST Postponing NEST release date

    Posting for someone looking for any examples or insights for getting a NEST release date postponed.
  2. P

    NEST NEST Status

    Anyone heard any update on recent NEST panels? It's been about 2 months since I've seen a list come out.
  3. Y

    NEST Received a NEST list and looking for advice!

    The list is quite large and any advice/recommendations on where to go/NOT go would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m not too picky on location and I’ve been basing most of my decisions on pass rates/cost of living so far. Thanks for your help!!
  4. T

    NEST My NEST Experience + what its like to be new to the FAA

    Hello all, as promised I wanted to show everyone, or at least tell everyone the process of what has gone on with me. A little background, I am a prior experience controller picked up on a prior experience bid. I was one of the "lucky" ones who got a great list, a few 12's a few 11's and the...
  5. Bravo Delta

    NEST Question

    So a guy at work and I were discussing the nest board. He said it is only for cpc-it and people that fail out of level nine or higher only. Is this accurate? Would an initial hire failing out of a level 7 up/down not go to nest? Thanks in advance for the info!
  6. pointSixtyFive

    NEST SOP 02/26/2019

    SOP explaining how the NEST process works.
  7. pointSixtyFive

    NEST Termination Reversal 5/2/2016

    This explains the process of how HR places a controller that was previously terminated, but the decision was subsequently reversed. It does not describe how to get a decision reversed.
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