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  1. MJ

    Facility Priority and Vacancy list

    MJ submitted a new resource: Facility Priority and Vacancy list - FAA facility vacancies, NCEPT priority and status Read more about this resource...
  2. OscarGolf

    Steps after Ranking your facilities

    Hey guys I just finished ranking my facilities (Alaska #1) but I came across a pretty interesting thought of what are the next steps in the process. From clicking Done on Survey Monkey to plugin for the first time to train at a facility. Any insight on do they pay you to move your stuff or...
  3. MJ

    En route Placement List 10/26/2022

  4. MJ

    Terminal Placement list 10/26/2022

  5. MJ

    NCEPT Facility Priority and Vacancy list

  6. pointSixtyFive

    Priority Placement Tool February 2024

    This tool, the “Facility Priority Placement Tool” (FPPT) was developed to determine the highest priority facilities and where immediate placements are needed. The tool and the output, the Facility Placement Plan, takes current staffing and future predictions into account to determine a...
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