Steps after Ranking your facilities


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Hey guys I just finished ranking my facilities (Alaska #1) but I came across a pretty interesting thought of what are the next steps in the process. From clicking Done on Survey Monkey to plugin for the first time to train at a facility. Any insight on do they pay you to move your stuff or things like that.
Do your reasearch! There is tons on info on here plus stuckmic. You rank your facilities. They tell you where you are going and 3 start dates. You pick a start date. FOL with salary and when you are suppose to be there. They send you employment onboarding paper work standard stuff for the federal government (online access). They won't pay you to move or anything. You checked marked "willing to work at any FAA facility" your move, your money.
Im pretty sure you wont get relocation expenses paid, but you will be able to deduct them on your taxes for next year.
Twingdong nailed it. You pay for your relocation. You are given a range of select start dates. Good luck.
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