1. Super Salt

    Hardship Q & A

    Does a facility’s staffing level (current/projected) have an effect on whether or not they can accept a hardship? Such as, if a facility is currently at 100% staffing, are they still able to accept an inbound hardship? If there is a particular staffing percentage that is considered the...
  2. MJ

    NATCA 2016 Convention Videos

  3. MJ

    Congressional review of staffing hearing

    EDIT: Added Inspector General opening statement and report
  4. MJ

    Target number shenanigans

    first a bit of background for context. Our old staffing range was 21-24, when the target numbers were released it was set to 17. As far as I know, the atm questioned this but we were told that's all you need. Recently, we've had a huge increase in overtime and numerous ATC zeros for staffing...
  5. MJ

    NCEPT Facility Priority and Vacancy list

  6. MJ

    Priority Placement Tool January 2021

    This tool, the “Facility Priority Placement Tool” (FPPT) was developed to determine the highest priority facilities and where immediate placements are needed. The tool and the output, the Facility Placement Plan, takes current staffing and future predictions into account to determine a...
  7. MJ

    Controller Workforce Plan 2020

    The controller workforce plan is the official annual FAA report to congress.
  8. MJ

    NATCA ERR MOU/SOP 25May2017

    ERR National Release Policy MOU & SOP. See more info link for the Q&A.
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