tier 2

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    Tier-2 Failure Disqualification Overturned

    Three years after being disqualified for a Tier-II failure, HR has been notified by medical that my disqualification has been overturned. HR had me fill out another OF-306, Applicant Contact Form, and send an updated Resume. What should I expect next? Anyone ever been here? My original TOL was...
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    MMPI Tier 2

    After exchanging a few emails with my Med POC, she also informed me that I did not pass my MMPI, and I will be going through Tier 2. I have absolutely no idea how I didn't pass, I answered every single question with 100% honesty, I did not try to cheat the test, and I am not some psycho who is a...
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    Tier 2

    Anyone on hear going through the tier 2 process?