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Tier 2

Discussion in 'FAA' started by Hector, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Hector

    Hector Chow Runner

    Anyone on hear going through the tier 2 process?
  2. pinesolius

    pinesolius Developmental

    Present. I haven't been waiting as long as some, but finished the appt on 3/4/16.
  3. Mitchell

    Mitchell FNG

    Took MMPI 6/27/2016. Notified needing tier 2. Still have not been able to schedule a tier 2 appointment. Keep telling me I have to wait for an email.
  4. Rico

    Rico Chow Runner

    It's a long and slow process. Keep on the medical people!
  5. John Buck

    John Buck Chow Runner

    So far for me:
    TOL for Experienced bid: FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-49432 - 12/13/2016
    CIL - 12/16/2016
    MMPI-2 - 02/01/2017
    Physical - 02/02/2017
    Drug Test - 02/09/2017
    Drug test and security clearance with HR - 02/16/2017
    Emailed me 03/06/2017 stating I will need additional testing, so I guess I am waiting to hear from someone about scheduling the tier 2 appointment. I will update this as things progress.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  6. Two drug tests?
  7. John Buck

    John Buck Chow Runner

    HR received the results of the drug test that day along with my security clearance. Only took one drug test on Feb 9th. Depending on how long the tier 2 takes to clear, I might have to take another one to refresh the previous one. But for now hoping that it will not come to that.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  8. John Buck

    John Buck Chow Runner

    March 27, 2017 - Still waiting for someone to contact me to make the tier 2 appointment.
  9. Atc1234

    Atc1234 Certified

    Do a lot of people need tier 2? I took my MMPI in 3/9 and am still waiting results. It seems as if an abnormally high amount of people fail this test and I'm not sure why.
  10. AO0530

    AO0530 Certified

    Seems like some people lie on the test and they flag on the L-Scale (lie scale) side of the test, others flag for potential negative psychological tendencies or drugs, alcohol, etc. I took mine 3/14 was notified I cleared the MMPI and didn't require additional evaluation on 3/24 when I was contacted to schedule the medical. I went in there and was honest, I was actually scared not to pass it due to some of my answers. I guess they expect some craziness in us lol.
  11. Atc1234

    Atc1234 Certified

    Literally same lol.
  12. John Buck

    John Buck Chow Runner

    April 13, 2017 - Sent email to POC.
  13. asmartz

    asmartz FNG

    Who notified you that you passed the MMPI? I took mine back on 4/6, and I have not heard a thing about it. I just got my medical call this morning.
  14. MJ

    MJ Administrator Staff Member

    No one will notify you. Here's some additional clarification (typos are [sic]).

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
  15. AO0530

    AO0530 Certified

    My medical POC notified me when they called to give me my AME options.
  16. SD2279

    SD2279 FNG

    My timeline of events is almost identical to John Bucks. I only found out I was teir 2 because I was harassing my HR rep. Finally got a hold of medical on 7-14 and as of now am still waiting for an appointment for my teir 2. Medical told me today to check back if I haven't heard anything in 30 days.
  17. Artios

    Artios FNG

    Did they ever contact you about the second evaluation?

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