1. T

    Cheyenne Approach

    I use this map to see where various different approach control airspaces are in the country: There are various versions of it you can find online, some more recent than others, and they seem to be updated as consolidations and moves happen. This one from the NATCA website shows newly-delegated...
  2. T

    Serious Contracting out low-level towers

    Section 804 From this thread, I see that the following facilities have lost or will lose their TRACONs: ERI (to BUF) CAK/MFD (to CLE) FNT/GRR/LAN/MBS/MKG (to AZO) PIA/SPI (to T75) PSC (to GEG) RDG (to MDT) BFL (to FAT) ALO (to DSM) BGM/ELM (to AVP) HUF (to IND) Have any of the resulting...
  3. ml0130

    Serious Tracon identifiers

    Regarding the tracons like N90. How are/were there identifiers thought of?
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