1. R

    TSEW waiver due to hardship

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has heard of or knows someone who has been able to skip TSEW due to a hardship? I recently hardshiped to a location to be the primary caretaker of a family member. I cannot leave that member alone for 4 1/2 weeks due to medical reasons. Any ideas for...
  2. Billybob

    3120.4 Update

    Stinger have you heard anything about this new training order that is supposed to go into effect April 30th?
  3. B

    Zoom Classes (Training)

    Heard zoom classes are being conducted these days and was curious how things were going/ I'm headed to a 12 in the next couple of months and wanted to see how the transitions have been while this covid is going on. are you just expected to report the first day to collect ipads and then check in...
  4. OrangeYOGAMat

    Certification Ride

    I've always heard that working routine moderate traffic under general supervision is the benchmark for certification. Is there any truth to this?
  5. pointSixtyFive

    Training Success Rates 5/23/17

    Historical training success rates for all facilities. Used to establish the projected hiring needs in the priority placement tool. Has a direct impact on Future Staffing % used in the ERR MOU.
  6. pointSixtyFive

    GI Bill SOP 2/25/2015

    The SOP contains all the information you need to receive GI Bill benefits while in training.
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