1. F

    Mutual Reassignment Request (SWAP) Database Tool

    Mod edit: This tool isn't maintained by or associated with Hey everyone, I've put together a Google Form that will take your SWAP request and automatically detect matches with other respondents. Your request will remain on file for 1 year before being automatically deleted...
  2. S

    ERR Generator 2023.02.17

    This program will automatically generate ERR packages including a Cover Letter, 3330-42, and 3330-43-1 for up to 20 facilities at once. This program auto-populates several fields from a locally maintained database of FAA facilities that is updated periodically. This version is up-to-date as of...
  3. pointSixtyFive

    NCEPT NCEPT Selection Lists November 2023

    The selections of approved ERRs are posted here. Non-redacted versions can be found on the NATCA website or KSN. Related Resources Facility Priority and Vacancy list (Decision Lens Tool) Priority Placement Tool
  4. hayashi310

    ALO consolidation

    Hi, all! Just read this article: I was surprised to read that the FAA would ever just let go of the professional, trained staff at a...
  5. M

    FAA to DoD Back to FAA Pay...

    So lets say Bob is a CPC at a level 12 facility making $126k rest of US locality ($109k no locality). Then he transfers to DoD GS12 Step 10, $82k base (plus 30% SSR, then 5% CPP) because that’s the highest pay for the position. Finally, Bob decides to join the FAA again, level 9 this time. As a...
  6. P

    BWI or HEF

    Hi all, anyone here work at either BWI or HEF?
  7. breakaway2000

    CPC Transfer Pay Question

    Quick question for anyone that can answer it. Per the Slate book for CPC transfers... (1) One-half (1/2) of the increase is paid upon initial transfer to the new facility; the other one-half (1/2) is paid when fully certified in the new facility. Is this a straight dollar amount raise ala you...
  8. MJ

    Coworker in need of assistance

    Friend of mine sent this today, please take a moment to read and help if you can. The voluntary leave transfer program is only available to FAA employees. It can be done online at the site above, or via the attached form. @Danesa Harbach
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