En Route 8/27/2018 Enroute Basics

I received this date a couple of days ago and didn't find a thread neither here or stuckmic. Wanted to see who else has this class and where everybody planned on staying.
I have this date as well. No clue where I'm staying yet. The recommended housing is cheaper than doing a hotel but I hear sketchy things about places, like Iso Bella.
Yeah I got this date as well. How do we go about finding the places to live? I thought maybe we’d get another email regarding the whole housing process. Anyone know what’s up?
Hello, recently got my FOL checking to see if anyone else got this date yet??

Going first to AT Basics: 08/27 and Initial En Route: 10/01 thinking about going to Kim's.
Hey everyone, I made a Facebook group for our class, it's called '8/27/18 Enroute Basics.' I'm hoping to get as many people as possible from our class to join!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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