Hiring Bid Air Traffic Control Specialist - Trainee: FAA-ATO-17-ALLSRCE-53474

Between forms, supplemental attachments, proof of records, and personal statements, i've now submitted 38 documents for this position. Finally tracked down everything that Medical/security were asking for, wrote numerous statements, and completed the physical and drug screen on the 5/18. Still holding my breath, congrats to all getting offers. Happy to FINALLY take a breather and not stress about tracking down old things I never thought would be relevant to my future.

Lesson learned? File away EVERYTHING.
Has anyone heard anything back on their medical in the Great Lakes region??
Great Lakes Region here, no medical news. I got an email last week saying that they had everything they needed and medical needed 2-4 months. And the grind continues...
Just received FOL for 8/17 enroute... Was originally offered 7/26 and had it pushed back due to a family members wedding on 8/10. Great Lakes Region - completed medical 4/2
I believe the next open bid is at the end of this month. I have seen both 6/25 and 6/27 as the dates. Keep an eye out, hopefully it works out!
I see online that it may be June 25th-July 2nd
If that’s the case, what a bummer. I’ll be 30 on the day I apply and 31 by the time the application period closes. (No longer qualify)
But I will certainly apply and see if I can squeeze in!