ATC basketball tourney


TYS Knoxville Tower
Hey all…some coworkers and myself have been discussing trying to set up a small (at first) basketball tournament for any ATC facilities to include anybody who works whether it’s management, tech ops, or active/retired controllers. There is already a big hockey tournament and we would like to try and set up a different sport and see how many folks we can get to participate. Right now we want to do just the Carolinas since that is where we are located. If anybody at RDU, CAE, FLO, SSC, CHS, MYR, ZTL, A80, ATL, FAY, AVL, GSO, GSP would like to get involved send me a DM. Eventually, if participation and demand are high we would like to make a big weekend tourney in a different state. Just an idea, obviously, nothing is set in stone. For the original Carolinas tourney, we would look to play in Charlotte and also create ATC events to coincide with the tourney like a meet and greet social, a tour of the new facility, etc. If you have any ideas or experience handling such things feel free to DM me. Thanks for reading, also if not allowed on this thread my apologies.
Oh wow, a state with 12 people in it. Strong

u jelly

I'll play if it's in the TYS parking lot.
Let’s do it! We can play with the broken backboard in the back if it’s still there, right next to the dumpster
This has potential to become really cool. There's an international ATC hockey tournament every year and it's always insane.
yah I just found out about the hockey and that looks dope, problem for me is I don’t know how to skate or play
This wasn’t NATCA’s idea, so sadly it’ll never happen. Also, how many controllers do you think will try and be heroes, but gas out within the first quarter, have cardiac arrest, and be rushed to the hospital? For every 10 controllers, there’s one who’s able to walk a while without wheezing.
About to be all sorts of torn ACL's, they going to need a chairlift to the top of the tower cab.
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