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Brothers and Sisters,

Attached to this message, you will find the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NATCA and the Agency regarding the implementation of the Agency’s Air Traffic Services Field Realignment (ATS Field Realignment or GM Realignment).

The MOU covers the Air Traffic Control (ATC), Traffic Management Unit (TMU), NOTAM, FSS, and Staff Support Specialist (SSS) bargaining units. We ask that you thoroughly review the MOU, so you are familiar with the relevant provisions of the agreement before the Agency’s implementation of the ATS Field Realignment presently scheduled for October 14, 2018.

The implementation of the ATS Field Realignment will have virtually no direct affect on members of the ATC/NOTAM and FSS bargaining units. For members working in ATC facilities that are part of the SSS and TMU bargaining units, the ATS Field Realignment will likely represent a change from current practices and may result in the identification of issues that were not initially contemplated. Both NATCA and the Agency have committed to addressing identified problems and concerns in a timely manner.

We have included a summary of the more relevant provisions of the MOU below:

• No change to the normal points of contact (e.g., communication, bargaining, and collaboration) between the Agency and Union for NATCA Representatives at the facility level.
• Clarifies the procedures for the submittal and approval of leave for SSS.
• Provides clarification and protection for SSS work assignments.
• Ensures BUEs will not have their facility of record changed as a result of the Air Traffic Services Field Realignment and will continue to receive Controller Incentive Pay (CIP) and all other premiums, differentials, and allowances associated with their facility of record.
• Addresses SSS performance ratings, feedback sessions, and Article 8/Article 9 meetings and the manner in which they may be conducted.
• Expands “other facility duties” to include duties within a BUE’s District when such duties are assigned in accordance with Article 45 for the ATC and TMU bargaining units.
• Ensures SSS can continue to maintain operational currency.

We understand the uncertainty associated with this change and have included as many protections as possible in the MOU. To assist us in addressing problems or issues arising from the implementation of the ATS Field Realignment, we are asking that you forward identified issues/ problems to your RVP.

Additionally, to help members better understand the MOU, we have established an email address at [email protected] for questions regarding the MOU or implementation of the ATS Field Realignment.

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Jennifer E

ZOA Oakland Center
Does this have anything to do with the FAA reauthorization bill they are voting on? Seems like weird timing.


Forum Sage
Does this have anything to do with the FAA reauthorization bill they are voting on? Seems like weird timing.

The FAA has been working on this realignment program in an attempt to streamline their chain of command for a while. This is basically just nailing down the details of what happens to the non-ATCS BUE's and make sure they are treated properly in the transition.
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