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These are just a few of the expenses with zero over sight.

In 2016, NATCA hired Venable LLP, who’s partner is James Burnley, chairman of ENO.

Venable LLP.png

Venable LLP.png

In 2017, NATCA hired a new political consulting firm for over 170k called Whitmer and Worrall. The principal for this firm is Martin Whitmer, who also happens to sit on the board of directors for ENO.

Whitemer and Worrall LLC.png
I think it should raise questions. Was the neb consulted prior to hiring of these (and other) consultants? When the neb is given the budget, does it itemize who is getting paid and why or is it just a basic “budget line 20 has a 20k travel budget and 200k publicity budget”. Do the members of the neb see the contracts and know what is expected of the people being hired?
I'm totally on board with asking questions.

"These are just a few of the expenses with zero oversight."

Do you know that there is no oversight? Cause it sure seems, like most of these threads, we're just jumping to these claims with no evidence.
Understand what you are saying. I hope no one is jumping to conclusions, but asking questions and making up their own mind.
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