Terminal Basics 4/19/17 Initial Tower 5/23/17


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Got this date today so I thought I would create the thread. Anyone else out there with this date? Where will you be staying?
Got the call today as well, congrats! Heard good things about Isola Bella.

Congrats, been leaning towards Kim's since a few others are going to be staying there. Would be nice to be near classmates for study sessions.
Hey hey, in this class as well but probably staying at IB

I wanted to stay there originally but it just looks like such a dump from the pictures that you can find online. lol

Who knows. Might end up there anyway.
From what I saw online I didn't see a late night shuttle run to IB. That'd be inconvenient if we ever have to go in for training on the night shift. Can someone confirm?
Hey all! I'm in the class as well! But I know for sure Kim's place is in a nicer area and not a bad drive at all to the MMAC. IB isn't too terrible drive wise, but it's not in a great area of town at all. Just a heads up if you stay there.
We have a WhatsApp group set up for this class. PM your number and I can get you an invite.
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