Custom earpiece discount

I ordered two of the satin soft earpieces - one for each ear - from Avery Sound less than one year ago. They are great! The quality is outstanding, the fit is perfect, and the noise reduction-like capability makes it easier to hear radio/landline calls. I highly recommend ditching the usual pink earpiece that comes standard with your headset for a custom model.
Is the isolation good/bad? I've used custom molded earbuds for live sound/music, where they are designed to block out outside sounds, but I'm not sure this is good/bad in ATC? Does anyone suggest the ones like the cops have where it allowed ambient noise in addition to the radio? Just curious on everyone's opinion.
You only wear it in one ear, so you still hear everything normally around you, it just makes the sound coming through the headset much clearer. I had one for years and it broke and i can't stand using the little pink buds now. A good mold will never pop out, and it's so comfortable you forget it's in sometimes. I have to crank the vol up with the bud, with a mold i routinely kept volume turned nearly as low as it would go and heard fine.
Fitting is straightforward. Recommend you read all of the instructions before beginning. If you do not have the putty in your ear before it starts going hard, it is too late.
Have you received it yet sugarfoot??? I'm debating on ordering one.
Oh yea first time getting to use it today. Fits well and sound quality is good. Makes your ear sore but they recommend light usage at the start to get familiar with it
I experienced minor ear soreness for the first 3-4 days of use for each earpiece. I found that the earpieces got 'softer' after the break-in period and that led the soreness to go away.
I've had a few different molded earpieces and this is the best one I've had. It was easy to do the molding, and I did it by myself even though it says to have someone help. The turnaround was fast, and the earpiece itself is nice. It has the feel of a thick gummy bear.
Can you recommend one over the other, does one allow more outside noise through than the other?

Edit: the website does say if you want ambient noise they can vent the earpiece for an additional $10.
I like the satin one. I've had a few acrylic. If its molded really well I feel like it probably wouldn't matter, but if its a smidge off I think the satin is probably a little nicer feel.

I've never had it vented or the half molds some people use, and never had a problem with hearing. Personally I think it defeats the purpose as I want the earpiece to be blocking ambient noise out.
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