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DAL Dallas Love Tower
I have a small request does anyone remember the page that had SOU link to it well can anybody calculate where I would be in that scoring scheme
The quals I have are Flight planning dispatch and supervisor 3.5 years, flight data 3.2 years, clearance delivery 3 years, Ground 3 years, final control 2.5 years, Arrival Control 1.9 years and Radar Supervisor 1.5 yeas.
Without knowing what "values" the FAA puts on the facility(ies) you held ratings, you won't be able to calculate an accurate score.

Additionally, your score is compared with all the applicants in the specific hiring pool you're in rather than "if your score is X, you could be offered XYZ facilities".

The formula is in the thread labeled "Previous Experience Placement". Seems like people with your experience were falling into level 5-6s (tower & up/down) & a few level 7s from what I've seen posted.
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