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Terminal Terminal Basics 02/27/2020

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housing is paid direct to the housing provider from the FAA. You will not “see” that money but it’s technically included in your per diem.
Does the FAA allow any extra days of lodging? For example, class starts 2/27, can I move in 2/24 and the FAA will pay for those additional 3 days, even though I'm not in class yet?


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I think the final day is just picking the facility and getting in contact with your facility so I believe yes.

yes, you will have finals, the next day you come in and pick your facility, get in contact and the rest of the day is working out logistics. You have the option of leaving the next day, considering you’re “at work” when you pick they give you one extra night. But then you’re expected to leave the next day. Your per diem will be covered until that day. Most people leave the day of placement though.
They will explain everything and walk you through it when you get to that point. But it’s also correct that per diem is only paid for one day before class. You’re expected to check in the day before class starts. Anything but the day before and after your official days, is on your dime.
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