Value of a BS degree in the FAA


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What value does a BS degree hold once in? I am killing myself trying to finish all my classes before I separate from the military (5 left) but I am having a really hard time staying motivated. The degree is Organizational Leadership and I already have the every so amazing CCAF in Air Traffic Science and Management. Am I wasting my time? Is it required if 10 years from now I wanted to consider a MSS position? I know I know, get here get rated then worry about those things. I just want to know is it useful in the FAA?
As far as I know, a bachelors degree is only 1 more point than ~3 years of college when bidding a position. So it doesn’t make a huge difference when bidding an MSS position, but to answer your question, yes, a bachelors degreee in any field is worth more points when bidding.

You can always wait until after you certify, then try to find time to knock out a couple classes. That way you’d be making CPC pay AND the monthly housing allowance for the GI Bill. Just something to consider.
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