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    As used in this order, the abbreviations listed below have the following meanings indicated. (See TBL 1-2-1.)

    TBL 1-2-1 Abbreviations
    Abbreviation Meaning
    AAR Adapted arrival route
    AAR Airport acceptance rate
    AC Advisory Circular
    ACC Area Control Center
    ACE-IDS ASOS Controller Equipment- Information Display System
    ACL Aircraft list
    ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System
    ADAR Adapted departure arrival route
    ADC Aerospace Defense Command
    ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone (to be pronounced “AY DIZ”)
    ADR Adapted departure route
    ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
    ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
    ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
    AFP Airspace flow program
    AERT Automation Embedded Route Text
    AFP Airspace Flow Program
    AIDC ATS Interfacility Data Communications
    AIM Aeronautical Information Manual
    AIRMET Airmen's meteorological information
    ALDARS Automated Lightning Detection and Reporting System
    ALERFA Alert phase code (Alerting Service)
    ALNOT Alert notice
    ALS Approach Light System
    ALTRV Altitude reservation
    AM Ambiguity- A disparity greater than a locally adapted distance exists between the position declared for a target by MEARTS and another facility's computer declared position during interfacility handoff
    AMASS Airport Movement Area Safety System
    AMB Ambiguity- A disparity greater than a locally adapted distance exists between the position declared for a target by MEARTS and another facility's computer declared position during interfacility handoff
    AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
    ANG Air National Guard
    APR ATC preferred route
    APREQ Approval Request
    ARAC Army Radar Approach Control Facility (US Army)
    ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
    ARIP Air refueling initial point
    ARSR Air route surveillance radar
    ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center
    ASD Aircraft Situation Display
    ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment
    ASDE-X Airport Surface Detection Equipment System - Model X
    ASF Airport Stream Filters
    ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
    ASR Airport surveillance radar
    ATC Air traffic control
    ATCAA ATC assigned airspace
    ATCSCC David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Center
    ATD Along-Track Distance
    ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
    ATO Air Traffic Organization
    ATO COO Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer
    ATOP Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures
    ATS Air Traffic Service
    AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
    BASE Cloud base
    CA Conflict Alert
    CARCAH Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination, All Hurricanes
    CARF Central Altitude Reservation Function
    CAT Clear air turbulence
    CDT Controlled departure time
    CEP Central East Pacific
    CERAP Combined Center/RAPCON
    CFR Code of Federal Regulations
    CFR Call for Release
    CIC Controller-in-Charge
    CNS Continuous
    CPDLC Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
    CPME Calibration Performance Monitor Equipment
    CTA Control Area
    CTRD Certified Tower Radar Display
    CVFP Charted Visual Flight Procedure
    CWA Center Weather Advisory
    DETRESFA Distress Phase code (Alerting Service)
    DH Decision height
    DL Departure List
    DME Distance measuring equipment compatible with TACAN
    DOE Department of Energy
    DP Instrument Departure Procedure
    DR Dead reckoning
    DRT Diversion recovery tool
    DSR Display System Replacement
    DTAS Digital Terminal Automation Systems
    DTM Digital Terrain Map
    DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rules
    DVRSN Diversion
    EA Electronic Attack
    EAS En Route Automation System
    EDCT Expect Departure Clearance Time
    EDST En Route Decision Support Tool
    EFC Expect further clearance
    EFVS Enhanced Flight Vision System
    ELDB Enhanced Limited Data Block
    ELP Emergency Landing Pattern
    ELT Emergency locator transmitter
    EoR Established on RNP
    EOS End Service
    EOVM Emergency obstruction video map
    ERAM En Route Automation Modernization
    ERIDS En Route Information Display System
    ERT Embedded route text
    ETA Estimated time of arrival
    FAA Federal Aviation Administration
    FAA Order FAA Order
    FANS Future Air Navigation System
    FDIO Flight Data Input/Output
    FDP Flight data processing
    FICON Field Condition
    FIR Flight Information Region
    FL Flight level
    FLIP Flight Information Publication
    FLY Fly or flying
    FMS Flight Management System
    FMSP Flight Management System Procedure
    FSM Flight Schedule Monitor
    FSS Flight Service Station
    GCA Ground controlled approach
    GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
    GPD Graphics Plan Display
    GPS Global Positioning System
    GS Ground stop
    HF/RO High Frequency/Radio Operator
    HIRL High intensity runway lights
    IAFDOF Inappropriate Altitude for Direction of Flight
    ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
    IDENT Aircraft identification
    IDS Information Display System
    IFR Instrument flight rules
    IFSS International Flight Service Station
    ILS Instrument Landing System
    INCERFA Uncertainty Phase code (Alerting Service)
    INREQ Information request
    INS Inertial Navigation System
    IR IFR military training route
    IRU Inertial Reference Unit
    ISR Increased Separation Required
    ITWS Integrated Terminal Weather System
    JATO Jet assisted takeoff
    LAHSO Land and Hold Short Operations
    LOA Letter of Agreement
    LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
    LLWAS NE Low Level Wind Shear Alert System Network Expansion
    LLWAS-RS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System Relocation/Sustainment
    LLWS Low Level Wind Shear
    L/MF Low/medium frequency
    LORAN Long Range Navigation System
    Mach Mach number
    MALS Medium Intensity Approach Light System
    MALSR Medium Approach Light System with runway alignment indicator lights
    MAP Missed approach point
    MARSA Military authority assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft
    MCA Minimum crossing altitude
    MCI Mode C Intruder
    MDA Minimum descent altitude
    MDM Main display monitor
    MEA Minimum en route (IFR) altitude
    MEARTS Micro En Route Automated Radar Tracking System
    METAR Aviation Routine Weather Report
    MIA Minimum IFR altitude
    MIAWS Medium Intensity Airport Weather System
    MIRL Medium intensity runway lights
    MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
    MNT Mach Number Technique
    MOA Military operations area
    MOCA Minimum obstruction clearance altitude
    MRA Minimum reception altitude
    MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
    MSL Mean sea level
    MTI Moving target indicator
    MTR Military training route
    MVA Minimum vectoring altitude
    NADIN National Airspace Data Interchange Network
    NAR National Automation Request
    NAS National Airspace System
    NAT ICAO North Atlantic Region
    NAT HLA North Atlantic High Level Airspace
    NBCAP National Beacon Code Allocation Plan
    NDB Nondirectional radio beacon
    NHOP National Hurricane Operations Plan
    NM Nautical mile
    NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    NOPAC North Pacific
    NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command
    NOS National Ocean Service
    NOTAM Notice to Air Missions
    NOWGT No weight. The weight class or wake category has not been determined
    NRP North American Route Program
    NRR Nonrestrictive Route
    NRS Navigation Reference System
    NTZ No transgression zone
    NWS National Weather Service
    NWSOP National Winter Storm Operations Plan
    ODALS Omnidirectional Approach Lighting System
    ODP Obstacle Departure Procedure
    OID Operator Interface Device
    OS Operations Supervisor
    OTR Oceanic transition route
    PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicators
    PAR Precision approach radar
    PBCT Proposed boundary crossing time
    P/CG Pilot/Controller Glossary
    PDC Pre-Departure Clearance
    PIREP Pilot Weather Report
    PPI Plan position indicator
    PTP Point-to-point
    PVD Plan view display
    RA Radar Associate
    RAIL Runway alignment indicator lights
    RAPCON Radar Approach Control Facility (USAF, USN, and USMC)
    RATCF Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (USN and USMC)
    RBS Radar bomb scoring
    RCC Rescue Coordination Center
    RCLS Runway Centerline System
    RCR Runway condition reading
    RE Recent (used to qualify weather phenomena such as rain, e.g. recent rain = RERA)
    REIL Runway end identifier lights
    RF Radius-to-Fix
    RNAV Area navigation
    RNP Required Navigation Performance
    RTQC Real-Time Quality Control
    RVR Runway visual range
    RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
    RwyCC Runway Condition Codes
    RwyCR Runway Condition Report
    SAA Special Activity Airspace
    SAR Search and rescue
    SATCOM Satellite Communication
    SDP Surveillance Data Processing
    SELCAL Selective Calling System
    SFA Single frequency approach
    SFO Simulated flameout
    SID Standard Instrument Departure
    SIGMET Significant meteorological information
    SPA Special Posting Area
    SPECI Nonroutine (Special) Aviation Weather Report
    STAR Standard terminal arrival
    STARS Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
    STMC Supervisory Traffic Management Coordinator
    STMCIC Supervisory Traffic Management Coordinator-in-charge
    STOL Short takeoff and landing
    SURPIC Surface Picture
    SVFR Special Visual Flight Rules
    TAA Terminal arrival area
    TAS Terminal Automation Systems
    TACAN TACAN UHF navigational aid (omnidirectional course and distance information)
    TAWS Terrain Awareness Warning System
    TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
    TCDD Tower cab digital display
    TDLS Terminal Data Link System
    TDW Tower display workstation
    TDWR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
    TDZL Touchdown Zone Light System
    TF Track-to-Fix
    TFMS Traffic Flow Management System
    TMC Traffic Management Coordinator
    TMU Traffic Management Unit
    TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control
    TRSA Terminal radar service area
    UFO Unidentified flying object
    UHF Ultra high frequency
    USA United States Army
    USAF United States Air Force
    USN United States Navy
    UTC Coordinated universal time
    UTM Unsuccessful transmission message
    UUA Urgent pilot weather report
    VCI Voice Communication Indicator
    VFR Visual flight rules
    VHF Very high frequency
    VMC Visual meteorological conditions
    VNAV Vertical Navigation
    VOR VHF navigational aid (omnidirectional course information)
    VOR/DME Collocated VOR and DME navigational aids (VHF course and UHF distance information)
    VORTAC Collocated VOR and TACAN navigation aids (VHF and UHF course and UHF distance information)
    VR VFR military training route
    VSCS Voice Switching and Control System
    WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
    WARP Weather and Radar Processing
    WATRS West Atlantic Route System
    WRA Weather Reconnaissance Area
    WSO Weather Service Office
    WSP Weather System Processor
    WST Convective SIGMET
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