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  • 2-1-2. DUTY PRIORITY

    1. Give first priority to separating aircraft and issuing safety alerts as required in this order. Good judgment must be used in prioritizing all other provisions of this order based on the requirements of the situation at hand.
    2. NOTE: Because there are many variables involved, it is virtually impossible to develop a standard list of duty priorities that would apply uniformly to every conceivable situation. Each set of circumstances must be evaluated on its own merit, and when more than one action is required, controllers must exercise their best judgment based on the facts and circumstances known to them. That action which is most critical from a safety standpoint is performed first.

    3. Provide support to national security and homeland defense activities to include, but not be limited to, reporting of suspicious and/or unusual aircraft/pilot activities.
      • FAA Order JO 7610.4 Special Operations.
    4. Provide and/or solicit weather information in accordance with procedures and requirements outlined in this order.
    5. NOTE: Controllers are responsible to become familiar with and stay aware of current weather information needed to perform ATC duties.

    6. Provide additional services to the extent possible, contingent only upon higher priority duties and other factors including limitations of radar, volume of traffic, frequency congestion, and workload.
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