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    1. Forward any amending data concerning previously forwarded flight plans except that revisions to ETA information in para 2-2-6, IFR Flight Progress Data, need only be forwarded when the time differs by more than 3 minutes from the estimate given.
      • (Identification), REVISED (revised information).
      • EXAMPLE
      • “American Two, revised flight level, three three zero.”
      • “United Eight Ten, revised estimate, Front Royal two zero zero five.”
      • “Douglas Five Zero One Romeo, revised altitude, eight thousand.”
      • “U.S. Air Eleven Fifty-one, revised type, heavy Boeing Seven Sixty-seven.”
    2. Computer acceptance of an appropriate input message fulfills the requirement for sending amended data. During EAS FDP operations, the amendment data are considered acknowledged on receipt of a computer update message or a computer-generated flight progress strip containing the amended data.
      • NOTE:
      • 1. The successful utilization of automation equipment requires timely and accurate insertion of changes and/or new data.
      • 2. If a pilot is not issued a computer-generated ADR/ADAR/AAR and if amendment data is not entered into the computer, the next controller will have incorrect route information.
    3. Forward any amended control information and record the action on the appropriate flight progress strip. Additionally, when a route or altitude in a previously issued clearance is amended within 30 minutes of an aircraft's proposed departure time, the facility that amended the clearance must coordinate the amendment with the receiving facility via verbal AND automated means to ensure timely passage of the information. If the automated means of coordination are unavailable, then verbal coordination is sufficient.

      NOTE: The term “receiving” facility means the ATC facility that is expected to transmit the amended clearance to the intended aircraft/pilot.

    4. EN ROUTE. Effect manual coordination on any interfacility flight plan data that is not passed through automated means.
    5. EN ROUTE. When a controller receives a UTM notification to an FDIO only facility, they must effect manual coordination for the flight plan data. In addition, the controller must verify the flight plan data to the receiving facility within three minutes of the transfer of control point estimate.

      NOTE: FDIO only facilities are facilities with FDIO but without STARS.

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