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  • 2-5-3. NAVAID FIXES

    Describe fixes determined by reference to a radial/localizer/azimuth and distance from a VOR-DME/VORTAC/TACAN/ILS-DME as follows:

    1. When a fix is not named, state the name of the NAVAID followed by a specified radial/localizer/ azimuth, and state the distance in miles followed by the phrase “mile fix.”
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Appleton Zero Five Zero radial Three Seven mile fix.”
      • “Reno localizer back course Four mile fix.”
    2. When a fix is charted on a SID, STAR, enroute chart, or approach plate, state the name of the fix.
    3. Use specific terms to describe a fix. Do not use expressions such as “passing Victor Twelve” or “passing J Eleven.”
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