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    1. Issue current touchdown RVR for the runway(s) in use:
      1. When prevailing visibility is 1 mile or less regardless of the value indicated.
      2. When RVR indicates a reportable value regardless of the prevailing visibility.

        NOTE: Reportable values are: RVR 6,000 feet or less.

      3. When it is determined from a reliable source that the indicated RVR value differs by more than 400 feet from the actual conditions within the area of the transmissometer, the RVR data is not acceptable and must not be reported.

        NOTE: A reliable source is considered to be a certified weather observer, automated weather observing system, air traffic controller, flight service specialist, or pilot.

      4. When the observer has reliable reports, or has otherwise determined that the instrument values are not representative of the associated runway, the data must not be used.
    2. Issue both mid-point and roll-out RVR when the value of either is less than 2,000 feet and the touchdown RVR is greater than the mid-point or roll-out RVR.
    3. Local control must issue the current RVR to each aircraft prior to landing or departure in accordance with subparagraphs a and b.
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