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  • 2-8-3. TERMINOLOGY

    1. Provide RVR information by stating the runway, the abbreviation RVR, and the indicated value. When issued along with other weather elements, transmit these values in the normal sequence used for weather reporting.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Runway One Four RVR Two Thousand Four Hundred.”
    2. When two or more RVR systems serve the runway in use, report the indicated values for the different systems in terms of touchdown, mid, and rollout as appropriate.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Runway Two Two Left RVR Two Thousand, rollout One Thousand Eight Hundred.”
      • “Runway Two Seven Right RVR One Thousand, mid Eight Hundred, rollout Six Hundred.”
    3. When there is a requirement to issue an RVR value and a visibility condition greater or less than the reportable values of the equipment is indicated, state the condition as “MORE THAN” or “LESS THAN” the appropriate minimum or maximum readable value.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Runway Three Six RVR more than Six Thousand.”
      • “Runway Niner RVR One Thousand, rollout less than Six Hundred.”
    4. When a readout indicates a rapidly varying visibility condition (1,000 feet or more for RVR), report the current value followed by the range of visibility variance.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Runway Two Four RVR Two Thousand, variable One Thousand Six Hundred to Three Thousand.”
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