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    1. Vehicles, equipment, and personnel in direct communications with the control tower may be authorized to operate up to the edge of an active runway surface when necessary. Provide advisories as specified in Paragraph 3-1-6, Traffic Information, and Paragraph 3-7-5, Precision Approach Critical Area, as appropriate.
      • PROCEED AS REQUESTED; (and if necessary, additional instructions or information).
    2. Ensure that the runway to be used is free of all known ground vehicles, equipment, and personnel before a departing aircraft starts takeoff or a landing aircraft crosses the runway threshold.

    NOTE: “PROCEED AS REQUESTED” is not approved phraseology for instructing aircraft, vehicles, equipment, or personnel to cross or operate on a runway.

    NOTE: Establishing hold lines/signs is the responsibility of the airport manager. Standards for surface measurements, markings, and signs are contained in the following Advisory Circulars; AC 150/5300-13, Airport Design; AC 150/5340 1, Standards for Airport Markings, and AC 150/5340-18, Standards for Airport Sign Systems. The operator is responsible to properly position the aircraft, vehicle, or equipment at the appropriate hold line/sign or designated point. The requirements in para 3-1-12, Visually Scanning Runways, remain valid as appropriate.

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