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    1. Describe vehicles, equipment, or personnel on or near the movement area in a manner which will assist pilots in recognizing them.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Mower left of runway two seven.”
      • “Trucks crossing approach end of runway two five.”
      • “Workman on taxiway Bravo.”
      • “Aircraft left of runway one eight.”
    2. Describe the relative position of traffic in an easy to understand manner, such as “to your right” or “ahead of you.”
      • EXAMPLE
      • 1. “Traffic, U.S. Air MD Eighty on downwind leg to your left.”
      • 2. “King Air inbound from outer marker on straight-in approach to runway one seven.”
      • 3. “Traffic, Boeing 737 on 2 mile final to the parallel runway, runway two six right, cleared to land. Caution wake turbulence.”
    3. When using a CTRD, you may issue traffic advisories using the standard radar phraseology prescribed in para 2-1-21, Traffic Advisories.
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