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    If you observe or are informed of any condition which affects the safe use of a landing area:

    • NOTE:
    • 1. The airport management/military operations office is responsible for observing and reporting the condition of the landing area.
    • 2. It is the responsibility of the agency operating the airport to provide the tower with current information regarding airport conditions.
    • 3. A disabled aircraft on a runway, after occupants are clear, is normally handled by flight standards and airport management/military operations office personnel in the same manner as any obstruction; e.g., construction equipment.
    1. Relay the information to the airport manager/military operations office concerned.
    2. Copy verbatim any information received and record the name of the person submitting it.
    3. Confirm information obtained from other than authorized airport or FAA personnel unless this function is the responsibility of the military operations office.

      NOTE: Civil airport managers are required to provide a list of airport employees who are authorized to issue information concerning conditions affecting the safe use of the airport.

    4. If you are unable to contact the airport management or operator, issue a NOTAM publicizing an unsafe condition and inform the management or operator as soon as practicable.
      • EXAMPLE
      • NOTE:
      • 1. Legally, only the airport management/military operations office can close a runway.
      • 2. Military controllers are not authorized to issue NOTAMs. It is the responsibility of the military operations office.
    5. Runway Condition Codes (RwyCC).
      1. Furnish RwyCC, as received from the Airport Operator, to aircraft via the ATIS.
        1. (a) Use the runway number, followed by the RwyCC, for each of the three runway segments, and include the time of the report.
          • EXAMPLE
          • “Runway Two-Seven, condition codes two, two, three at one zero one eight zulu.”
        2. (b) When an update to the RwyCC is provided, verbally issue to all aircraft until the ATIS broadcast can be updated.
          • EXAMPLE
          • “Runway (number) condition codes two, three, one.”
        • REFERENCE
        • Advisory Circular AC 150/5200-30D, Airport Winter Safety and Operations
      2. Issue FICON NOTAMs upon pilot request, workload permitting.
    6. In the absence of RwyCC, issue to aircraft only factual information, as reported by the airport operator or pilots concerning the condition of the runway surface, describing the accumulation of precipitation.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “All runways covered by compacted snow 6 inches deep.”
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