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    Operate approach lights:

    1. Between sunset and sunrise when one of the following conditions exists:
      1. They serve the landing runway.
      2. They serve a runway to which an approach is being made but aircraft will land on another runway.
    2. Between sunrise and sunset when the ceiling is less than 1,000 feet or the prevailing visibility is 5 miles or less and approaches are being made to:
      1. A landing runway served by the lights.
      2. A runway served by the lights but aircraft are landing on another runway.
      3. The airport, but landing will be made on a runway served by the lights.
    3. As requested by the pilot.
    4. As you deem necessary, if not contrary to pilot's request.

    NOTE: In the interest of energy conservation, the ALS should be turned off when not needed for aircraft operations.

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