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    When operating ALS as prescribed in para 3-4-5, Approach Lights, operate intensity controls in accordance with the values in TBL 3-4-5 except:

    1. When facility directives specify other settings to meet local atmospheric, topographic, and twilight conditions.
    2. As requested by the pilot.
    3. As you deem necessary, if not contrary to pilot's request
    TBL 3-4-5 ALS Intensity Setting
    Step Visibility
    (Applicable to runway served by lights)
    Day Night
    5 Less than 1 mile* When requested
    4 1 to but not including 3 miles When requested
    3 3 to but not including 5 miles Less than 1 mile*
    2 5 to but not including 7 miles 1 to 3 miles inclusive
    1 When requested Greater than 3 miles
    *and/or 6,000 feet or less of the RVR on the runway served by the ALS and RVR.

    NOTE: Daylight steps 2 and 3 provide recommended settings applicable to conditions in subparas b and c. At night, use step 4 or 5 only when requested by a pilot.

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