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    1. To identify an observed target/track on an ASDE system display, correlate its position with one or more of the following:
      1. Pilot/vehicle operator position report.
      2. Controller's visual observation.
      3. An identified target observed on the ASR or CTRD.
    2. An observed target/track on an ASDE system display may be identified as a false target by visual observation. If the area containing a suspected false target is not visible from the tower, an airport operations vehicle or pilots of aircraft operating in the area may be used to conduct the visual observation.
    3. After positive verification that a target is false, through pilot/vehicle operator position report or controller visual observation, the track may be temporarily dropped, which will remove the target from the display and safety logic processing. A notation must be made to FAA Form 7230-4, Daily Record of Facility Operation, when a track is temporarily dropped.
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