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    1. Issue discrete beacon codes assigned by the computer. Computer-assigned codes may be modified as required.
      1. TERMINAL. Aircraft that will remain within the terminal facility’s delegated airspace must be assigned a code from the code subset allocated to the terminal facility.
      2. TERMINAL. Unless otherwise specified in a facility directive or a letter of agreement, aircraft that will enter an adjacent ATTS facility’s delegated airspace must be assigned a beacon code assigned by the ARTCC computer.
        • NOTE:
        • 1. This will provide the adjacent facility advance information on the aircraft and will cause auto-acquisition of the aircraft prior to handoff.
        • 2. When an IFR aircraft, or a VFR aircraft that has been assigned a beacon code by the ARTCC computer and whose flight plan will terminate in another facility’s area, cancels ATC service or does not activate the flight plan, ensure that appropriate action is taken to remove strips (RS message) on that aircraft.
    2. Make handoffs to other positions/sectors on the computer-assigned code.
    3. Coastal facilities accepting “over” traffic that will subsequently be handed-off to an oceanic ARTCC must reassign a new discrete beacon code to an aircraft when it first enters the receiving facility’s airspace. The code reassignment must be accomplished by inputting an appropriate message into the computer and issued to the pilot while operating in the first sector/position in the receiving facility’s airspace.

      NOTE: Per an agreement between FAA and the Department of Defense, 17 Code subsets in the NBCAP have been reserved for exclusive military use outside NBCAP airspace. To maximize the use of these subsets, they have been allocated to ARTCC’s underlying NBCAP airspace that do not abut an oceanic ARTCC’s area. To preclude a potential situation where two aircraft might be in the same airspace at the same time on the same discrete code, it is necessary to reassign an aircraft another code as specified in subpara c.