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  • 5-2-11. CODE MONITOR

    interpretation 20
    1. Continuously monitor the codes assigned to aircraft operating within your area of responsibility. Additionally, monitor Code 1200, Code 1202, Code 1255, and Code 1277 unless your area of responsibility includes only Class A airspace. During periods when ring-around or excessive VFR target presentations derogate the separation of IFR traffic, the monitoring of VFR Code 1200, Code 1202, Code 1255, and Code 1277 may be temporarily discontinued.
    2. When your area of responsibility contains or is immediately adjacent to a restricted area, warning area, VR route, or other category where Code 4000 is appropriate, monitor Code 4000 and any other code used in lieu of 4000.
    • FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 3-6-3, Monitoring of Mode 3/A Radar Beacon Codes.
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