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  • 5-2-14. CODE MONITOR

    interpretation 20

    Continuously monitor the Mode 3/A radar beacon codes assigned for use by aircraft operating within your area of responsibility when nonautomated beacon decoding equipment (e.g., 10-channel decoder) is used to display the target symbol.

    NOTE: In addition to alphanumeric and control symbology processing enhancements, the MEARTS and STARS systems are equipped with automatic beacon decoders. Therefore, in facilities where the automatic beacon decoders are providing the control slash video, there is no requirement to have the non-automated decoding equipment operating simultaneously.

    • FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 3-6-4, Monitoring of Mode 3/A Radar Beacon Codes.
    1. This includes the appropriate IFR code actually assigned and, additionally, Code 1200, Code 1202, Code 1255, and Code 1277 unless your area of responsibility includes only Class A airspace. During periods when ring-around or excessive VFR target presentations derogate the separation of IFR traffic, the monitoring of VFR Code 1200, Code 1202, Code 1255, and Code 1277 may be temporarily discontinued.
    2. Positions of operation which contain or are immediately adjacent to a restricted area, warning area, VR route, or other categories where Code 4000 can be assigned must monitor Code 4000 and any other code used in lieu of 4000. If by local coordination with the restricted/warning area or VR route user a code other than 4000 is to be exclusively used, then this code must be monitored.
      • FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 5-2-6, Function Code Assignments.
    3. If a normally assigned beacon code disappears, check for a response on the following codes in the order listed and take appropriate action:

      NOTE: When Codes 7500 and/or 7600 have been preselected, it will be necessary for the ID-SEL-OFF switches for these codes to be left in the off position so that beacon target for an aircraft changing to one of these codes will disappear, thereby alerting the controller to make the check. This check will not be required if automatic alerting capability exists.

      1. Code 7500 (hijack code).
      2. Code 7600 (loss of radio communications code).